A House in Highbury, Thunder Box

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When this house was built it is unlikely that it contained any internal plumbing, water would have been pumped from a well and the WC or “Privy” would have been in the garden. In a makeover of the ground floor shower room the clients decided they would like a Thunder Box – a 19c style […]

A House in Highbury, Missing Columns


The elaborate front door ensemble had lost the columns, replaced by a pair of 4x4s. Although terraced, the house is a one-off; so new columns had to be designed using architectural evidence. A hollow hexagonal blank was made and my lathe bed extended to accommodate it.

A House in Highbury, Lost Shutters


This fine terraced house of around 1820 has some interesting features. We were called in shortly after purchase as the new owners’ surveyor wanted to restore the missing ground floor shutters but was unable to discover what had been there before. The flap above the window back led me at first to assume that these […]

Monkey Tail Restoration


The staircase in this fine early Victorian Villa in Richmond was modernised in the 1950’s; this entailed removing the newel post, curtail step and handrail wreath (or “monkey tail”) and inserting a square newel.

The restoration involved painstaking measurement of a surviving staircase in an identical house nearby and much careful work. The mahogany was […]

Magdalen Park Gate

Magdalen Park, Wandsworth, was developed by Holloway Brothers from 1905 until the 1930s. This is an accurate copy of one of the original garden gates of circa 1905. The houses are Arts and Crafts with a touch of Queen Ann revival and a hint of Voysey.



There are few craftsmen today willing to carry out this once essential branch of the Joinery trade. We are pleased to show here some of the many shutter projects we have been called upon to execute.



We’ve made dozens of these over the years, paying particular attention to design, detail and quality.

Reception Desk


It makes a change from our more traditional work to undertake an up-to the-minute commission like this one.

Cabin Boy


A very fortunate young man had his rather small bedroom turned into a ship’s cabin by us.

Honours Board

An honours board is a classical piece of joinery; we have made several for a well–known girl’s school. They are exact copies of the late 19th century original.