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A House in Highbury, Thunder Box

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When this house was built it is unlikely that it contained any internal plumbing, water would have been pumped from a well and the WC or “Privy” would have been in the garden. In a makeover of the ground floor shower room the clients decided they would like a Thunder Box – a 19c style […]

A House in Highbury, Missing Columns


The elaborate front door ensemble had lost the columns, replaced by a pair of 4x4s. Although terraced, the house is a one-off; so new columns had to be designed using architectural evidence. A hollow hexagonal blank was made and my lathe bed extended to accommodate it.

Monkey Tail Restoration


The staircase in this fine early Victorian Villa in Richmond was modernised in the 1950’s; this entailed removing the newel post, curtail step and handrail wreath (or “monkey tail”) and inserting a square newel.

The restoration involved painstaking measurement of a surviving staircase in an identical house nearby and much careful work. The mahogany was […]

Kenwood House The Colonnade

The bases of these 18th century columns had decayed over time; we restored them using timber from the redundant teak staircase of the former “Sailor Prince” public house, now “The Wandle”. The work was commissioned by English Heritage.

Kent House Hammersmith


Over 400 square metres of the original flooring was lifted by us without loss, it was slowly dried out and then carefully re-laid as before.



The geometric staircase had suffered much abuse over 240 years of hard use. We replaced many of the missing and damaged parts, as well as countering the effects of subsidence.


The existing in plaster was much deteriorated, an exact copy was carved in Russian deal and pear wood.